Why Mobile is “Assisting” Conversions and How to Benefit From It

Mobile devices have changed how we do what we do.  Whether purchasing a car or reserving a table at a restaurant, using mobile impacts decision making.  How exactly does it have this effect – and how are businesses present during these critical decision points otherwise known ad micro-moments?

During the Eye for Travel Convention “Online Marketing Strategies” hosted in May 2016, Google account executive Beth Thomas presented on how mobile “assists” conversions.  “People then go to desktop to book,” she explained.

According to a study carried out by the Internet Retailer, the influence of smartphones is growing.  Previously, consumers would use th eir smartphones for price comparisons on their phones at the stores.  In a survey conducted by Deloitte, consumers are 30% less likely to use smartphones to perform price comparisons in-store, yet the use of smartphones has risen, and their influence on in-store sales rose 28% in 2014, the report finds.

Now, smartphones are used for much more than price comparisons.  In fact, “consumers are advancing in their mobile purchasing sophistication, using mobile for inspiration and finding solutions to their needs,” says Deloitte.   This is directly linked to the so called micro-moments.  With mobile, people now have information at their fingertips from the initial moment they have a thought, regardless of where they are.

A very important note from the Deloitte survey: “digitally-influenced consumers buy more and spend more. Consumers who use digital, which includes mobile, while they shop convert at a rate 20% higher compared with those who do not use digital.”  Google refers to mobile as the new “shopping assistant.”  In stores, Google states that 82% of smartphone users rely on their phone to help them make a decision on a product.

Notice the influence of the information that consumers find online has on a great impact during this purchasing moment.  Companies want to make sure that when consumers search for them, they are found and provide relevant content to help consumers make the correct decision.  Work with an eCommerce team to establish a 360-degree strategy that covers all online channels.

How can companies make sure to be present in all the “I-want-to-buy moments”?  Google presents 5 steps to ensure brand presence:

  1. Learn about the consumer’s “I-want-to-buy moments.” Understand when they are searching and making the purchasing decision, and how they are doing this.
  2. Be present during these moments of need. Work with an eCommerce team to develop a comprehensive strategy.
  3. Deliver relevant content.  Simply appearing during these micro-moments is not enough.  Take into consideration the ways in which consumers are searching and which questions they are asking.
  4. Review the purchasing paths. Make it easy and simple for someone to purchase.  Additionally, provide different ways that they can purchase.  
  5. Measure conversion and the path to purchase on all devices.

It’s never too late to get started.  Mobile presence is now a must.


Connie Marianacci is an accomplished professional of e-commerce, marketing and strategy with over 10+ years of experience increasing online productivity, results and effectiveness.  @cmarianacci

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