STRATEGY:  How will your online presence help your business and where do you want to take it? What will be the measurable goals that will take you to success and how will you track it?  Lets create a strategy that will take you a step forward within the eCommerce arena.

ONLINE POPULARITY:  Connie can help your business gain online popularity so that your revenue increases.  Whether it is from existing clients or new clients, your online presence is important.

INVESTMENT OPTIMIZATION:  There are many action items to distribute your marketing dollars.  Which one should you focus on?  Lets review the analytics and performance to come up with factual conclusions that will show which channel you should focus your investment on.

TESTING:  We all have different opinions regarding a look and feel.  Lets create an a/b testing scenario where your clients tell you what works best for them.

AGENCY MANAGEMENT:  Whether you have your online marketing agency already or you need a new one, lets review what the right partner is for you.  Which agency can provide you with all your needs including the right business agreement and cultural understanding.

TEAM:  You don’t have an agency or a team in place, partner with us.

MARKET UNDERSTANDING:  Depending on which markets you want to tackle, it will mean a different strategy.  We have experience with the following markets:  Mexico, Guatemala, Argentina, Germany, Spain, Canada & USA.  They are all different and they have special needs.