Connie helps companies increase awareness and generate online revenue by measuring productivity and testing strategies that will provide the most effectiveness.  With a master’s degree in international business and over ten years of experience, she specializes in US and Latin American markets, and has defined and implemented market-leading strategies in the European,Canada, and Mexico markets.


To help  professionals and businesses increase online revenue by sharing my expertise in eCommerce, marketing, public speaking, and cultural diversity.


  • Connie did her first website at 15
  • She started earning money from display ad campaigns at 16
  • She had her first real job when she was 17 and got it by sending her printed resume via regular mail
  • Connie was born in Argentina, grew up in Venezuela and Texas and went to 3 different high schools.
  • Connie speak English, Spanish and German and have the passports to go along with that


Traveling around the world taught me that “life is too short” to waste any second of it! Because of that:

  1. Positive is my number one adjective. I always look at the positive side of things and encourage others to do the same. I make sure to give off positive vibes to whomever is around me.
  2. Productive is often used in my vocabulary. Constantly building on things, my career, my education, my family experiences, all of it.
  3. I cherish every moment. Whether I am stuck in traffic or laying on the beach, I enjoy them both.

These characteristics help me be:

  • Fearless to go after my dreams.
  • Passionate to do what I believe is right and go through all the obstacles until I reach a goal.
  • Lead by example and inspire my team by empowering them and go the extra mile. When I see my team grow, bring positive results, be enthusiastic about their projects it makes me realize how important it is to have an exceptional team.
  • Driven to always strive to perform 110%.

I am constantly looking for a challenge in addition to my everyday “job”. After I graduated from my MBA, then I started public speaking at Toastmasters International. Now I am blogging and consulting professionals in what I do. I love what I do and hope to make a difference with others that need my expertise.

My career has grown within different industries and within companies that made a difference in society. Some companies call my field online marketing, some eCommerce, it really depends on how the company is structured. At the end of the day the goal is the same, generating online revenue with the most efficient strategies. In fact, tracking the performance is one of the most important things that I do, you can read more on why here.

Giving back is very important to me specially when I am reminded of the hard times entire population segments are going through in countries like Argentina or Venezuela, which are close to my heart. Now I give back to the community locally in Miami by mentoring students, being active within my FIU Alumni Association, helping professionals in need of public speaking and more.

Being healthy is also a key pillar to happiness. Tennis and jogging are my go-to sports when I need an excuse to be outside.

This is me in a nutshell. Schedule an appointment to take your business to the next level!